MM&C Conference

Did you hear the one about the CFO of the publicly traded retailer who tweeted confidential information to his followers before it was released? How about the one about the airline communications staffer who tweeted a nude photograph from the airline’s Twitter account?

Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents and some version or another occurs every day. Social Media is an incredible enabler of member engagement but also provides a forum for flippant comments to spiral out of control and live forever on the Internet. It makes – and breaks – careers.

When association staffers, volunteers and consultants are communicating on behalf of the association it can be potent, effective and potentially devastating if you don’t have a few procedures in place.

I hope you will be able to join me and my colleagues from American Society of Interior Designers, Venable, LLP and American Speech-Language Hearing Association as we discuss how we navigate the slippery slope of association social media at “Does Your Social Media Policy Pass the Sniff Test?” on Wednesday June 18 at ASAE’s Annual MMC Conference.

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