Some Tips from MMC 2014

Some Tips from MMC 2014
F Pattern Viewing

“F” Pattern Viewing

Just came off 3 days in Washington, D.C. for ASAE council meetings and the 2014 MMC Conference #MMCCon where I enjoyed seeing old friends, making new friends and presenting on some of the latest legal wrinkles for social media, particularly as we begin to communicate visually. Much thought provoking content as well as many cool, practical tips, such as:

  • People look at Websites in an “F” pattern. It’s pretty cool and considering you have about 5 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, consider shifting your content around to fit in the “F.”
  • If you cannot afford massive changes to your Website to make it mobile-friendly, consider creating a new Website, only for mobile. It will force you to truly pare down content to the most essential and keep costs down.
  • Stock photo fatigue? Have you ever spent hours looking at stock photo sites and come away with only 1 or 2 images? Try skipping to page 40 or 50 of the returns – you’ll find images that are less picked over. Also consider hiring an artist to give diverse images a little shading to make them look like they belong together.

Always a great mix of the strategic and the tactical. Thank you ASAE!

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