The Philadelphia Story

Philadelphia is a nice place to visit. I imagine it would even be a nice place to live. T/C has a client near The Barnes Foundation and I have come to enjoy my time there. It has beautiful architecture. It has great restaurants (not surprisingly, everywhere we ate seemed to be a Starr restaurant – he seems to dominate Philadelphia). We were there over 4th of July weekend and it even has great tourists – they know how to – well, how to “tour.”

It has an amazing prison building in the city, which gets me thinking about “The Walking Dead” every time.

It’s a walking city but if you don’t want to walk, take a cab or the subway or get a daily $5 “Phlash Pass.”

The Convention Center is superb. It is a first-rate facility and a meeting planner’s dream – and smack in the middle of the city.

The cost of things struck me as very fair – maybe it’s because I am from New York, home of the $22 cocktail or maybe it’s because we brunched al fresco overlooking Rittenhouse Square and then strolled through the farmers market – also $22. I’ll take the latter any day.

Radisson Blu was a very nice experience. A perfect little gem in the center of it all. It has a helpful staff and fantastic taste in headboards – mine included images of Warhol’s Tomato Soup, Indiana’s LOVE and Grace Kelly – legend and daughter of the fantastic Jack Kelly  – and star of High Society  – the musical version of Phillip Barry’s The Philadelphia Story

Go to Philadelphia as soon as you can!

Nice to see Grace Kelly at the Radisson Blu

Nice to see Grace Kelly at the Radisson Blu



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