2014 ASAE Annual Meeting

Documation's Wisconsin Cheese Hat

Documation’s Wisconsin Cheese Hat

Is your inbox filling up at a fever pitch? Did you have any idea that there could be as many cocktail parties happening simultaneously as there will be on Sunday August 10th? Are you excited to finally see Documation’s Wisconsin Cheese hat? If those questions resonate with you it must mean it’s almost time for thousands of association executives to converge upon Nashville at the ASAE 2014 Annual Meeting. I’m privileged to be collaborating on an educational session at this year’s meeting on the latest trends in social communities. Speaking of which: How is your association’s social community disrupting the traditional ways your members interact and engage? Are they now micro-volunteering for such tasks as abstract review and editing content? Are more members mentoring because they can, socially? Are you hearing from long-time members that you never really heard from before? Has social community given them a voice? Please join me and Andy Steggles of Higher Logic in Room 207AB on Sunday August 10th in Nashville at the as we explore Hot Trends in Association Social Tools. See you in Nashville!

ASAE 2014 Annual Meeting

ASAE 2014 Annual Meeting

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