Another ASAE Annual Meeting has come to an end! Andy Steggles and I worked with our session attendees to identify a dozen “Hot Trends in Association Social Tools” including Measuring Social, Content Marketing, Talent Identification and Employer Branding and found that one of the hottest discussion topics was Social Volunteering.

We all know that the more engaged members are the most likely to renew. We all know that volunteering is a crucial engagement strategy. But what do we do with the members who do not have the bandwidth to commit to committee work, board seats or research projects?

Well, fortunately, the online social community has begat the ability to match those members with task-based volunteering opportunities and micro-volunteering opportunities. Task-based volunteering is for short assignments that require days (or even hours) for such engagements as reviewing abstracts, editing articles and tagging images.

Micro-volunteerism, meanwhile, takes minutes (or even seconds) and can be as basic as filling out an online member survey or posting a comment on the association’s Facebook page. An interesting debate emerged on the difference between micro-volunteering and simply being a member. That debate is, in essence, what the Petri dish of online social collaboration has begat: it has given us the tools to recognize and measure the previously unrecognizable and immeasurable.

Top Trends in Association Social Collaboration

Top Trends in Association Social Collaboration

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