Energizing Your Educational Session Descriptions

For most meeting attendees, educational sessions are the reason they have registered for the show. Frankly, compelling session descriptions could help make or break attendance goals.

One of Omni Berkshire's Captivating Meeting Rooms

One of Omni Berkshire’s Captivating Meeting Rooms

Yet harried meeting teams struggling to meet deadlines often sacrifice captivating copy and just need to get the program done.

Here are 5 tips we consult when writing educational session copy to ensure that our copy is as good as it can be.

1-Marketing. Remember: a session description is marketing copy. Like the mouth-watering description of a delicious entrée on a restaurant’s menu or the details about a condo facing the lake in a real estate brochure, the purpose is to make the reader excited.

2-A snappy session title. Just like the subject line in a marketing email, the session’s title should be clever and intriguing because it will compel the reader to continue reading. Plays on movie or song titles are always effective and immediately set a tone.

3-Keep it updated but do not rely on buzz words. There is a fine line between sounding contemporary and sounding shallow. If you’re concerned, ask someone from outside your industry to read it for a gut check. If they have no idea what it means, it probably needs a rewrite.

4-Throw away the “crutches.” Crutches are the hackneyed terms such as “In this session you will…” and “Join us for this session and…” It’s a waste of valuable space because everyone reading the description knows that it is a “session.”

5-Consistency of tone and tense across all session descriptions. Although they were submitted by dozens, even hundreds, of people, you need all of your sessions to sound cohesive. The most basic fix ensures that the verb tenses are consistent. A more lofty ambition is to rewrite all the descriptions so that they have a similar tone. Look to the theme of the conference for inspiration and tone guidance.

With those 5 tips you can help ensure that your conference copy does what it is supposed to do: makes attendees look forward to attending and going to sessions!

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