“I Hear It’s a Great Place to Work!”

A simple and powerful statement – yet so hard to achieve.

Over the past 12 months I have had the opportunity to visit a great number of associations and nonprofits. Some have exceptional employer brands and some need some work. But they all have one thing in common: the recognition that it has rapidly become a candidate’s market and that great hires are hard to come by.

The advance of technology and the entrance of the Gen Y / Millennial into the workplace is forever changing workplace culture. What had once been confidential is now public and job candidates are cross-referencing what hiring managers tell them with information on sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed. They crave authenticity.

Ultimately, if we’re not managing the perception of our employer brands a handful of former employees will be doing it for us.

I will be speaking on the topic of employer branding at the 2015 Great Ideas! Conference in Orlando, Florida in March 2015. If you cannot attend, I have some tips on employer branding on LinkedIn and on the Tate / Cummings site.


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