Live Chat on May 7: Association Community Managers

Just five years ago, many associations were struggling with how to launch online social communities for their members.

  • Some jumped into proprietary, member-only communities – with no plan for engagement
  • Others thought Facebook and LinkedIn would suffice
  • But the majority pressed “pause” and observed

It’s five years later, the dust has settled, and it is evident that online social communities are a vibrant part of the member experience. We have new titles (such as “Community Manager”) and new vendors and…new challenges.

Many associations grapple with determining which association content is appropriate to post in their online communities. The community guidelines may state that commercial postings are not allowed but does that apply to the association that is hosting the online community? What is the balance between passing along information and having your online community discussions getting overrun with association information?

Produced by ASAE’s Communications Section Council, moderated by Matthew Coffindaffer, Manager of Volunteer Relations at ASAE, and hosted by a panel of association leaders, “To Post or Not to Post?” is a live chat that will be held on Thursday May 7 from 12:00 – 1:30 EST and will cover the dos, don’ts, and maybes of Community Management – all in a real-time, live chat format. No download necessary!

Panelists include:

Rachael Bell, Digital Communications Manager, New Jersey Society of CPAs

Arlene Donley Moss, Kimberlite Coaching and Community Strategies

Lindsay Starke, Community Manager, Higher Logic

Jill Straniero, Digital Collaboration Manager, American Speech-Language Hearing Association

Non-members are welcome! You may attend by visiting, bypassing the RSVP and simply setting a calendar reminder.

See you on May 7th!


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