Importing Talent

Does your association hire from the corporate world? If you said “not very often,” you wouldn’t be alone: most nonprofits import talent from other nonprofits – and from the same geographic area.

A top recruiter for the nonprofit industry explained it this way: “nonprofits generally offer lower salaries than their corporate counterparts and feel they have less explaining to do to candidates already stepped in a nonprofit environment.”

As far as location, while associations conduct national searches, for the most part they hire locally because they feel there is less risk. Many hiring managers cite new hires that relocated and were unhappy in the new environment, leaving after a year. Additionally, while covering relocation costs is not particularly common in the association world, many associations do not have the experience to negotiate a relocation package. “Hiring managers tend to look for the path of least resistance,” continued the recruiter, “ and feel there are enough candidates in the local pool.”

Perhaps, but are they the best candidates?

We’ll explore that kind of thinking and more at Creating an Employer of Choice and Driving Transformation at the 2015 ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition in Detroit in August, 2015




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