ASAE Annual Meeting / 2015 / Detroit

I attended my first ASAE Annual Meeting in 2008 in San Diego.  I did not know anyone else attending and had not been a very engaged ASAE member.  But I went and I attended sessions and parties and I met a lot of people and learned a lot.  I am pretty easy to talk to but it was more than that: most ASAE members like to meet people and chat and share.  Cut to 2015 and my professional life has changed immensely: I have an association consulting company, I am extremely engaged with ASAE as a frequent speaker and as its Communication Section Council’s Vice Chair, and I just launched Deco, a design and copywriting shop for associations.  To say my life has been enriched by ASAE would be an understatement.

Detroit city skyline at night

Detroit by Night

Most of all, I credit ASAE with introducing me to many, many professional peers – several of whom have made the jump over into my circle of personal friendships. I’m looking forward to the ASAE Annual Meeting in Detroit.  There are some cities you just want to reach out and lend a hand to and Detroit is one of them.  Happy travels and see you in Motown!

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