How many photographers have you worked with over the years? For both personal events such as weddings and corporate events such as trade shows? Twenty? Fifty? One Hundred? How many times have you been disappointed in the output? Nineteen? Forty-Nine? Ninety-Nine?

I’m not sure why that is so often the case. Perhaps it is because there is a very low barrier of entry to becoming a photographer. Perhaps because everyone seems to knows someone who is a photographer and rarely hesitates to make a recommendation – whether they have worked with someone or not. That tends to result in a lot of sub par product – the last thing you want when commemorating a live event.

I recently needed to identify a photographer for a trade show. A friend referred me to StudioBrooke. I loved Brooke’s portfolio and she seemed to be able to shoot both professional and personal events. It also appeared that she could capture people and products; exhibitors and attendees; action and repose.

Rooftop Photo Shoot

Brooke at work

Yours Truly and Megan Markowski

Yours Truly and Megan Markowski

Brooke was fantastic. She is at the top of her game technically and was also positive, creative, and friendly. She was willing to get up on ladders, needed zero hand-holding, and also knew how to engage strangers in a friendly manner.

She was able to photograph an empty conference center, exhibitor booths and products, attendees interacting, and sideline entertainment. She also spontaneously agreed to shoot some headshots since the entire board was at the show.

The images were great and captured the excitement of the show and beauty of the products.

A few weeks later another client wanted outdoor headshots. I did some research on headshot photographers and I did not like many of the forced headshots I found. I contacted Brooke and my only instructions were that we wanted to do outdoor, black and white, and shoot in DUMBO with the Manhattan Bridge as the backdrop.

I gave her the cultural reference of James Dean in Times Square – but happy – and she got it.

A Man and Woman with Manhattan Bridge in Background

Yours Truly and Amy Phillip

As usual, she exceeded expectations. We took to a beautiful cabana on the roof of a DUMBO building and captured about 150 shots in 8 outfits in 3 hours. The client was exceptionally happy and is now trying to decide between seven shots!

I cannot wait to work with Brooke again!

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  1. Brooke is a fantastic photographer and a true professional. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her several times, and it is always a great experience. Hiring a true professional makes all the difference – great article.

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