Creativity and Budgets

In late March I was privileged to be a part of AICPA’s and State CPA Societies’s annual meeting on marketing and communication trends. For two days we discussed the challenges and potential solutions for CPA societies as we navigate the ever-changing waters of marketing and communications trends.

Michael Cummings, Speaker

Michael Cummings, Speaker

On day-one, I workshopped the group on “Jumpstarting Creativity.”  Some of the take-aways included:

  • Creativity can be Summoned
  • Alter Chemistry and Behavior to Jumpstart Creativity
  • Don’t Expect Different Results from Same Process
  • Don’t Blow Up, But Disrupt
  • Embrace the Impact of Millennials

The entire PowerPoint can be viewed here. Coming up next?  How we determined how to put all that creativity to work – and still adhere to budget!

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