ASAE’s 2018 MMC Conference

ASAE’s 2018 MMC Conference

Lakisha Woods & Michael Cummings

I recently had the opportunity to present on Communication Strategies at ASAE’s Marketing, Membership, and Communication Conference in Washington, DC. We covered trends, Social Media, Newsletters, and Public Relations—and how to create a great communication plan. It was great to catch up with old friends and make new ones as well as stay at the gorgeous Grand Hyatt Washington. As always, it was a pleasure to co-present with Lakisha Woods, Chief Marketing Officer at NAHB.

Have you ever heard of the “Streetlight Effect?” It’s a social science example of observational bias whereas we tend to look for answers in the same places we have always looked—regardless of the result. In the case of the anecdote: within the confines of the streetlight. That was the inspiration for our session and a new take on the old “think outside the box” advice.

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