Service Packages + Fees


Having experienced firsthand the inertia that associations can experience when attempting to drive change as well as the often ponderous, process-driven approach of professional service firms, tate /cummings worked with the greater association community to develop impactful, off-the-shelf service bundles.

These service bundles utilize tate / cummings proprietary tools and when combined and layered with your custom needs, they become your unique “Custom Template.” This approach keeps costs down and speeds up process, delivering results to you faster and better.


The Organization

Employer Brand-Aid℠

A process that improves the reputation of your association as a “place to work” – ensuring you attract and retain top talent

Talent and Resources Scorecard℠

An assessment that measures organizational resources and determines any gaps in talent and technology

Strategic Plan Tracker℠

A tool that assigns resources, responsibility and accountability to Strategic Plans


A multimedia visualization used in determining organizational models

Re-Organizational Chart℠

A visual display of a re-imagined organization

Silo Buster℠

A strategic and tactical plan to reorganize departments

Recruitment App℠

A multi-platform approach to recruitment

Consultant Matchmaker℠

A dialogue devised to augment your current talent pool

Job Descriptor℠

A revision of your organization’s job descriptions

Merger Roadmap℠

A step-by-step process towards merger

Relevance Meter℠

A scorecard displaying your organization’s real-time relevance

Competitive Mapping℠

Who was, is and may soon be in some or all of your organization’s space?

Vision Finder℠

A process devised to determine the impact of your mission and vision

Fluid Positioning System℠

A tool enabling an organization to sniff-check the effectiveness of its positioning


A subscription service tailored to the unique trends affecting your organization and industry


Leadership Trainer℠

A process to create a more impactful leader and a more effective organization


A new resume, compelling story to tell, and social media presence will land you your dream job

Internal Communicator℠

A template of what, when and how to share information with staff

Speaking Engager℠

A series of sessions designed to make you a more dynamic speaker

Legacy Writer℠

A process that enables you to control your legacy with your organization


Story Finder℠

A process to uncover the unique stories behind your company and your organization

Brand Shepherd℠

A multimedia brand guide

Stakeholder Identifier℠

A display of all your stakeholders and your unique value proposition to them

Marketing Prioritizer℠

A tiered tool of all marketing activity

Visual / Copy Converter℠

A method to convert copy into visual and vice-versa


Social Media Augmenter℠

A tool developed to determine what social tactics are appropriate for your organization

Message Magnifier℠

A process to determine which tactics amplify which strategic messages

Audience Influencer℠

The tailored messages and tactics devised to impact your multiple audiences

Evergreen News Machine℠

A system devising media placement based on overlaying your news with the calendar

Issues Manager℠

The daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities you must perform to avoid crisis

Crisis Triage℠

A process to assure that you don’t miss a beat if an issue erupts into crisis


Glass House℠

Strategic and tactical solutions that encourage your staff ambassadors to share their positive workplace experiences with the industry community

Creative Bridge℠

A technique designed to convert your objectives into stunning creative

Idea Generator℠

A facilitated brainstorm devised to stir creativity from all corners of your organization


A data-point system designed to identify, segment and prioritize your customers

Campaign Developer℠

A roadmap to effective campaigns from resource allocation to talent to deployment


A buzz building campaign for the pre-launch

Soft Launcher℠

A campaign management tool for the soft launch

Full Launcher℠

A complete campaign management tool including timeline, budget and measurement

Meeting Matcher℠

A process for finding the ideal meeting location

Conference Buzz℠

A tool to generate excitement about meetings

Conference Siren℠

A process to create increasing publicity about next year’s conference, before this year’s even ends


Metric System℠

A tool used to determine your campaign’s unique key performance indicators

Social Media Meter℠

A meter to measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts

Marketing Tactic Value Scorecard℠

A value system designed to measure the impact of all marketing tactics

Success Meter℠

A tool used to measure the overall impact of your organizations, company or campaign


Connections / Advice

Connections and Advice are free

Action / Results

Actions are billed per project

Results are priceless

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