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    • pencils 400x400Audiences are more likely to glean information from the visual than from the written: like it or not, the visual has supplanted copy as the dominant form of communication. But just like copy can be cliché and hackneyed, so can imagery: stock art of diverse business folk shaking hands, anyone? At deco, we avoid the mundane without sacrificing message. In other words, we lead with your message – but design it.

    • “MSCPA has worked with Michael on member recruitment and retentions campaigns.  He’s responsive, he works super-fast, and he’s very creative; he has tons of ideas; and he really ‘gets’ who our members are.  I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again!” –
    • -Kara Kieran, Massachusetts Society of CPAs



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          While visual communication has taken its rightful place alongside copy, too often it’s at the expense of clear messaging. Whether you chalk it up to the advance of social media or a general erosion of language, copywriters who provide punchy, persuasive, and flawless copy are fast becoming an endangered species. Deco determines your message and tone – then provides clear, compelling copy that integrates – but never dominates – design.

        • “Tate / Cummings has a lot of experience working with the association industry.  They were responsive and collaborated well with us on our copywriting and editing needs!” –
        • -Amy Wertlieb, American Bankers Association


deco / design & copy

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Whether you’re seeking fresh copy for your member renewal letters, an eye-catching meeting program, resized logos for your social media properties, or a direct mail piece they’ll actually open– get it right the first time: hire deco for persuasive copy, flawless editing, and compelling design.

  • “Michael is a very creative marketing & communications professional and understands both the association and corporate market. I highly recommend him!”--Mona Buckley, Professional Insurance Marketing Association

process & deliverables

word cloud for graphic design firmDeco converts your mission and brand into colors, fonts, and messages, and then formulates those marketing building blocks into brand assets and campaign elements, assuring that the market’s perception of your brand is aligned with your strategic objectives.

Building Blocks
-Brand Clarity
-Colors & Typeface
-Key Words & Messages
-Point of View & Tone

Brand Assets
-Logo & Identity Applications
-Favicon & Social Channel Visuals
-Illustrations & Photography
-Identity Copy

Campaign Elements
-Animated GIFs
-Meeting Programs
-Educational Session Descriptions
-Direct Mail
-Recruitment & Renewal Letters
-Website Design

Campaign Management Services
-Marketing Plan Development
-Tactical Deployment
-Measurement & Reporting