Executive Director at a Trade Association

You’re the ED of a global trade association with a headquarters in New York City, a public affairs team in DC and dozens of contractors including one handling member services in the EU and another in Mumbai. Revenue is steady yet silos persist, turnover is higher than the industry standard, and you have an incoming President who is itching not just to hold a meeting in Brazil but also for a merger. Plus, you’d really like to retire one of these days. How can you help shepherd your association into the future, ensure its ongoing success and create a succession plan fueled by reason, intellect and care?

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Vice President, Marketing and Communications at a Trade Association

You head up Marketing for a Trade Association. You have colleagues in Membership, Public Affairs and Development (for the Foundation,) some of whose initiatives seem to compete with yours. Meanwhile, Meetings and Education also market their products. And the association has many logos. Many, many logos. Not to mention that depending on which stakeholder you talk to, you will get a different answer on what the association is. Ultimately, there isn’t one, clear value proposition. There are multiple, competing value propositions.

Oh, there’s one other thing: the association’s 75th anniversary is coming up and you’ve been told it must be celebrated and “drive new memberships.” How do you communicate effectively to all stakeholders, make your site mobile-friendly and keep the conversation about the annual meeting buzzing all year ‘round? How do you prioritize and, most importantly, implement? How do you take stock of your resources and make the association succeed?

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Director of Development at a Nonprofit

You manage a development team for a nonprofit in the performing arts. But your grantwriter can’t write, your Director of Planned Giving finds it difficult to discuss money, your major corporate sponsor is developing new interests and –best of all-your Board President wants to have a party. A big party. And no one seems capable of telling her that this is not the best idea. You want to see the organization thrive, staff fulfilled and, most of all, see the vision achieved but you know hoping for a surprise bequest isn’t an appropriate fundraising strategy. How can you guarantee success for your organization?

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Vice President, Meetings at a Professional Society

You run the meetings department at a 30,000-member society. You hold many meetings. None are small. Internally, they are actually referred to as Big, Bigger and Biggest. Biggest is usually in North America and alternates between East Coast and West Coast. Bigger is always overseas. And the Bigs (there are several) are co-produced with local chapters in various cities. It all sounds smashing, right? But the Bigs are facing competition from the local chapters, the Bigger is always filled with Sturm und Drang depending on local cultures and currencies and Biggest is seeing decreasing registration and sponsorship year after year. Plus, there’s a new, competing for profit conference that is nimble, exciting and, well, sexy. Something your conference has never been accused of.

You’ve been given one directive: fix it.

So, how do you fix it? Do you co-locate? Hold Biggest every other year? Hand the Bigs entirely over to the chapters? There is a solution.

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